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Issue #1 - Beats by Bruce

anon on, ip logging off

Title reference

- Following the same rules as SPNPermananon/fail_fandomanon/inceptanon2: no pictures, real names, no detailed locations.
- Title your threads.
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- No separate post for actors/rpf. Just use this one.
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I'm looking for co-mods, message me if you're interested.

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(Anonymous) 2015-10-12 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
*fistbump of solidarity*

I picked the pic because supercompetent combat-buddies is my favorite flavor of Stucky.

Mine, too! I'm really looking forward to Civil War for the two of them fighting together. The whole super-competent battle partners, men-out-of-time with large amounts of loyalty kink really does it for me.

I would love to find more of this in fic, too. Got any recs?

I'm really looking forward to Civil War for the Steve/Bucky battle-partners competence porn. And their reunion! I have a feeling that's going to rip my heart out, as will the "Your Bucky" scene.


(Anonymous) 2015-10-12 08:41 am (UTC)(link)
Let me know if you find any, because I'd love to read them. I'm hoping that with CW coming out and series like Reciprocity ending, the miserable apartment recovery Stucky fic genre will die down.