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Issue #1 - Beats by Bruce

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Re: Agents of SHIELD Discussion - The Devil You Know

(Anonymous) 2015-10-21 07:28 pm (UTC)(link)
I loved it!

I'm definitely on board with more Simmons on the alien world, and really want to know what happened to her. I'm continuing to love Fitz, too, and slowly coming round to FitzSimmons.

I like the continuing development of Daisy and her friendship with Mack. That scene in the ER stood out to me, with Mack immediately taking the sling off his injured arm. A separated shoulder is not something to fool around with, so I'm starting to wonder if he's enhanced, too, and if so, if that isn't playing into his wariness of enhanced people in general.

I don't think Andrew is Lash. I could see him becoming an Inhuman. I just can't see him going on a murder spree without some sort of major split personality and amnesia going on. Or maybe mind control.

I'm hoping he's not dead, but fear that he is. And I also noticed that Werner von Strucker seemed really upset afterwards. Like maybe it's finally hitting home what being in HYDRA and working for a man like Grant Ward really means. It also raises the possibility of a face-heel turn later on.

Bobbi in the field would be nice, and so would Hunter and May coming back.

I'm looking forward to next week's ep and how this is all going to fit into the run-up to Civil War. I'm also curious as to how the behind-the-scenes stuff at Marvel will affect that.